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Date range
1711-01-01 Date is certain to 1711-01-01 Date is certain
Dimension and support
300 x 210 mm.; Papel
Scope and content
O nubente: Lázaro Fernandes

Naturalidade: Toubres (Jou)

Pai: Domingos Pires

Mãe: Comba Fernandes

A nubente: Isabel Gonçalves

Naturalidade: Trêsminas

Pai: António Borges

Mãe: Domingas Gonçalves

Celebrante: António da Cunha Teixeira, pe.
Physical location
F. 90v
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Creation date
3/3/2020 3:11:16 PM
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1/5/2023 9:55:42 AM